40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing for Kids – Round Indoor Outdoor Swingset Toys – 700 Lbs Sensory Web Tire Swings – Durable Frame, Waterproof Yard Swings Set – 2 Tree Straps, 2 Carabiners, 1 Swivel

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Product Description

Laegendary Laegendary

The Laegendary swings for kids are a great way to relax or let your imagination take you some place new. Imagine you fly a magic carpet, ride some waves, or enjoy some nice quiet time.

Swings provide many benefits for kids

3 children on a rainbow colored tree swing3 children on a rainbow colored tree swing

Whether they have special needs or not, every child has sensory needs that swinging can address. We all heard about the 5 senses. But in reality, we have 8 systems that we use to help us navigate and explore our environments. When it comes to our sensory systems, swinging is a fantastic way to engage a child’s vestibular sensory system – the ability to know how to use our muscles in correlation with gravity. This system controls behavior such as balance and movement. And swinging is a great sensory workout for kids looking to build gross motor skills and develop sensory integration.What’s more, swinging helps the brain learn to make sense of speed and direction, which may be beneficial for kids with visual perception issues.

Some cool features worth mentioning

Tree Swing Kit

Tree Swing Kit

foam handle

foam handle

Boy standing on a round tree swing

Boy standing on a round tree swing

Round Swing Box with Bow

Round Swing Box with Bow

All Hanging Hardware Included

You’ve been so excited to buy a tree swing and you finally received it – it’s in your hands. So why spoil the excitement in order to run to the store to buy the swing set accessories? With the Laegendary swings you get a complete tree swing hanging kit. Everything you need to get your swing up and running it’s in the box: 2 carabiners, 1 swivel, 2 tree straps, nuts, bolts, washers, wrench.

Foam Handles

All of our swing ropes are equipped with foam handles. You can adjust their height based on your needs – move them down on the rope for toddlers, or higher up for taller kids. On top of being more comfortable, the foam handles give your children practice with fine motor skills – by gripping the handles.

Swivel For Different Kinds Of Spins

Swing, spin or do both at once. All of our swings come with a 4.2×1.6” strong and durable swivel that can be used with Swings, Chairs, Hammocks, Aerial Silks, Hammock Pod Kids Swing, Outdoor Swing and Indoor Children’s Hammock Chair Nook, Net Spider Web Round Swing, Outdoor Swing N’ Spin, Tree Swing Strap, Saucer Spinner Tree Swings etc.

Beautiful Packaging For Gifting

Everyone knows the excitement and fun of opening and giving a gift!

The Laegendary swingsets for backyard are an ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas presents. Thanks to the cute design on each box, we eliminated the need to use wrapping paper, which is typically too light and inky for efficient recycling.

hanging kithanging kit

Giggle and cheer is all you will hear

Swings encourage taking turns and sharing. They provide a safe way for children to exert their energy, have fun and interact with peers and a valuable learning environment where they can develop their physical, emotional and cognitive skills.

Check out our Collection of Swings

40″ 60″ x 32″ 60″ x 32″ 60″ x 32″ 60″ x 32″ 79″

Weight Limit
700 lbs 700 lbs 700 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs 120 lbs

Included Hardware

Adjustable Height

Waterproof Material

Makes a Perfect Birthday Gift: you are looking for a great gift that has that extra cool and exciting wow factor, then you will love our Laegendary toddler swing. A gift play for boys girls any age, lure them away from the and PC, with a bonus: the ease with which will up. can also used an autism swing for children. A great way calm them, put them sleep and give them the necessary sensory input they need
Fun for the Whole Family: parents, want our infant, baby toddler spend much time outside the playground, and less time watching TV. What could more fun than swingsets for backyard. Our 40 yard swing will the hit the neighborhood and parties. Best alternative the tire swing and safer than the web swing. more fighting, multiple children can swing the same time. Parents can relax and unwind our outdoor swings for adults
Sturdy, Durable and Safe: Our popular inch swing set made strong and safe materials and can hold to 700 lb. designed each component the outdoor swing with safety mind: foam handles for a safer/better grip, thicker foam padding for added protection and comfort, and reinforced seat stitching for more durability. You get a complete kids tree swing hanging kit the excitement receiving the yard swing does not have stop run a hardware store
Easy Install: Laegendary, believe installing a disc swing should as easy using one. Just a few minutes put together and your children will able share the circle swing with friends. You will find easy follow instructions how assemble, store and care for your trampoline swing for kids. Swing, spin do both once with this spinner swing. You can easily hang from a branch, your porch, patio, attach to a swingset

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40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing for Kids – Round Indoor Outdoor Swingset Toys – 700 Lbs Sensory Web Tire Swings – Durable Frame, Waterproof Yard Swings Set – 2 Tree Straps, 2 Carabiners, 1 Swivel

111 $

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